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Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator

Tel Aviv is the heart of the Israeli “Startup Nation”, an innovation ecosystem, home to more than 6,600 startups. A unique environment where startups flourish and thrive, Tel Aviv attracts founders from all over the world to build and grow their businesses and huge corporations that scout for innovation here.

Techstars Tel Aviv is a three-month program open to all startups, running from the beginning of June through the beginning of September.

Tel Aviv, Israel

Welcome to the first class of the Techstars Tel Aviv 2020 program!

This program is proud of its impressive and diverse founders showing the best this ecosystem has to offer. Our 10 companies (from 8 different industries) truly represent the vibrant and innovative Tel Aviv startup ecosystem. We welcome you to watch the short 4min pitch videos from our founders, and invite you to get in touch with them via the buttons below.

We would also like to invite you to join our ‘live’ event to witness the founders pitch in real time and get to know the community: Register here!

Founder Pitches