Demo Day

Techstars Toronto Accelerator

Techstars Toronto is Techstars' first Canadian accelerator program and is a joint partnership with Real Ventures, the most active seed fund in Canada.

Watch the Techstars Toronto 2020 Demo Day live event on September 3, 2020 at 1pm EST featuring Lance Armstrong. 

Toronto, Ontario, Canada
Pitches available September 3, 2020.

Welcome to the 3rd class of Techstars Toronto!

This program is proud to showcase its most diverse class of founders to date. Our founders and companies have come from all parts of the world - Africa, the Middle East, Eastern Europe and from across many parts of Canada. What is of particular interest is that Canada will embrace these founders permanently, as our progressive immigration practices and history of multiculturalism have become an unfair advantage when sourcing and investing in world-dominating tech startups and brilliant entrepreneurs.

So in all cases here, we are showcasing Canadian companies. We are inspired by the gender and racial diversity of these founders and teams, as well as the broad range of industry verticals across which we are able to invest in as a Techstars City program.

Please watch these short 4 minute pitch videos and get in touch with the CEOs directly or email Sunil Sharma, Managing Director -

Founder Pitches